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  • The Old Clare Hotel Pool revamped by Wright Pools.

    Wright Pools project features in Awol's 'Cool Pools of 2015'

    Wright Pools recently completed a revamp of the Old Clare Hotel pool which has been nominated one of the 'cool pools' of 2015 by Awol.

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  • West Wallsend Upgrade

    We have recently upgraded the West Wallsend swimming pool to bring it up to current standard and best practice. The works included upgrade of the structure, new balance tank, new fully tiled interior using the full Laticrete system, new UFF plant and heating system.

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    Wright Pools have recently completed the hydraulics and associated metalworks at the Lemur Display at Taronga Zoo. The water is chemical free and uses a combination of recycled water, a bio-filter, a UV unit, and a bank of sand filters.

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    Wright Pools have recently completed the hydrotherapy pool for the George Bass School for children with special needs. The pool equipment was designed specifically to provide high quality water and low running costs.

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